Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Would you eat Road Kill?

I am looking for anyone and everyone's views on road kill.

Please leave a comment, telling me your views on eating road kill- would you do it?

Why/Why not?

Some of the comments may well be used in my upcoming article, so only comment if you want to be quoted!

Dont forget to leave your name (inc surname), your age and the area you are from.



  1. Comments received so far:

    "Have you seen that doco on TV about 6 months a go about a man who lived off road kill and lived in the welsh valleys - cant remember what it was called, it was very interesting and he was very amusing/weird. I would not eat it myself unless I was starving to death. Pretty rank. esp when you see it on the side of the road all mashed up." Jasmine, 30, Brighton

    "I used to work as a chef in a restaurant in the New Forest. People (locals) used to bring in deer that they had struck down, for a sum, and the owners would call up the local butcher who would come in and, again for a sum, chop the whole thing into the stewing meat, prime cuts, stock meats etc. The punters and possibly many more people out there have unwittingly eaten road kill - and enjoyed it!" Adam, 23, Hove.

  2. "There are worse things, if your starving can see why you would do it. The way prices of meat are going up im tempted!" Michelle, Brighton